1991 BMW 318is custom detail package

I have a very cool project that was brought to me by a fellow SCCA member. He had recently purchased this 1991 BMW 325is that was suffering from paint oxidation and neglect. The paint was originally red but had turned somewhat pink over the years without proper care and washing. The customers primary goal was to get the paint looking as good as possible, followed by touching up the trim, and then a Level 1 interior detail.



Take a look at that paint! The chalky, dull looking finish is paint oxidation. This happens when a car is exposed to the sun for long periods of time without proper paint protection. The best way to prevent this from happening is having good car care habits and making sure the paint is regularly protected with a good sealant, such as Blackfire Wet Diamond paint protection.



The first thing I did when I got the car into the shop was take care of the Level 1 interior detail. After a thorough vacuum, window cleaning, and cleaning of the dash and console, the interior was looking pretty sharp for a 23 year old car! Even the black leather was looking very fresh after a basic wipe down with water and microfiber towels.




After the interior was completed, the car was taken outside for a 2 bucket hand wash. In order to prepare the car for polishing, the car was also clayed to remove road grime and contaminants that were stuck to the surface of the paint. As you can see, there was plenty of contamination stuck to the paint!




The car was masked off and test spots were completed using Meguiar’s M105 and Meguiar’s M205 polishing products. I wanted to use the least abrasive products to remove the oxidation and the Meguiar’s M205 was well up to the task. I applied the polish using a Lake Country white polishing pad on my Rupes Big Foot polisher and the finish came out great!




With the polishing complete, it was time to add some protection to the paint. A layer of Blackfire Wet Diamond paint sealant was applied using my trusty Porter Cable 7424XP buffer. This paint sealant will protect the paint for up to 6 months in most conditions. It also leaves a glossy wet looking finish to the paint that looks amazing!



To put the final touches on the car, the tires and trim were cleaned and dressed. Since this car had various parts spray painted black, it was difficult to get everything looking up to our standards, but we made do with what we had. Overall, the goal of getting the paint polished up and looking fantastic again was complete. The customer felt like he had a new car and with a proper wash and protection regiment, it should look glossy and clean for a very long time!


IMG_5985 IMG_5983 IMG_5993
IMG_5990 IMG_5991 IMG_5992


See below for a full list of products used in this custom detail:

  1. Grit Guards
  2. Chemical Citrus Wash
  3. Sheepskin wash mitts
  4. Clay Magic detailing clay
  5. Microfiber waffle weave drying towels
  6. Microfiber all purpose towel
  7. Microfiber applicator
  8. 3M Masking tape
  9. Rupes Big Foot Polisher LHR 21ES
  10. Porter Cable 7424XP
  11. Lake Country white polishing pads
  12. Meguiar’s M205 polish
  13. Blackfire Wet Diamond paint sealant
  14. Meguiar’s Hyper dressing
  15. Meguiar’s glass cleaner
  16. Chemical Guys Black on Black

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