Website and business update!

Hello car enthusiasts. As of today, I have simplified my website and will no longer be operating as a registered and insured, part time business. I will continue to offer detailing services as a (professional) hobbyist detailer to those that are interested. The main page has been updated with my services.

Elevated Shine News: My services have been updated!

Going forward, Elevated Shine Auto Detailing will be performing exterior detail work only! Being that exterior detailing and paint care is my expertise and passion, I will providing this as my primary specialty service. Interior detailing has been removed from my Detail Services page and will only be provided upon special request and quoted individually. Thank you for the understanding and I look forward to providing the best possible exterior auto detailing that I can!

Prepare for winter with a Level 2 Detail

Winter is just around the corner here in beautiful Colorado. The next couple months are a great time to get your vehicle in for a Level 2 exterior detail so you have the paint protection to last you through the winter season. My Level 2 exterior detail includes a thorough hand wash and cleaning of the paint surface, followed by a long last protective sealant that will last through the winter! Contact me to today to get on the schedule!

Acura Integra Type-R exterior detailing

The Acura Integra Type-R is almost a cult classic in the import world. A street car with race inspired suspension, brakes, engine, and styling that is hard to find anymore in decent condition. This Integra Type-R had been sitting for years in a somewhat poor state of condition, both cosmetically and mechanically. It was recently purchased by an old friend of mine and he brought it to me to get properly cleaned up visually, while he took care of the mechanical side of things. The car had a number of issues; stains in the seats, a huge key scratch, paint transfer scuffs, and a swirled and scratched black metallic paint surface that hardly looked black anymore. Read on to get the scoop on how I used my Level 3 Exterior detail package, along with some custom processes and techniques, to bring this fantastic car back to life!

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Scratch and blemish removal, 2002 BMW 330i – Level 3 exterior detail

A customer of mine recently brought me his 2002 BMW 330i that was in need of some scratch and blemish removal/repair. The car had a number of semi-deep scratches and what looked to be tar or sap deposits in the paint. Some of the tar/sap deposits had even eroded through the clear coat entirely! With some advanced techniques and patience, most of the scratches and blemishes were removed successfully, or at minimum looking much better than before. In addition to the scratch/blemish work, I also performed a complete Level 3 Exterior detail on the car to bring out maximum shine and gloss to the paint. Read on to get the full scoop!

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Embroidered business shirts and marketing media

We now have new and improved Elevated Shine Auto Detailing embroidered business shirts! Our business logo and theme have also been applied to numerous pieces of marketing media and business cards. This is a big deal for my business and I am very proud of how everything turned out. Enjoy the picture!

Auto Detailing

Spring Detailing

Spring has arrived here in the Denver area. This is a great time to get your car in for a Level 2 Detail to clean get your exterior and interior cleaned and protected after the rough winter season weather. If you have not checked out our Facebook and Google+ pages yet, be sure to check in for auto detailing availability. I do try to regularly post times and dates that I have available to detail vehicles, so please like and follow our pages!

Mercedes AMG C63 Black Series show car shine

I recently had the pleasure of working on a customers 2012 Mercedes AMG C63 Black Series sports car. The car looks amazing and sports a 6.3 liter V8 engine that roars when it is fired up! The aggressive styling and luxurious interior are a joy to the eyes, and I just can’t get enough of this car 🙂 Ok, on to the reason I was called in! The exterior of the car was very dirty (inside was mildly dirty) and had lots of contamination built up as well as brake dust covering the wheels and brakes. The customer wanted the car thoroughly cleaned up and finished with a high gloss and shine finish. I put together a custom detail package that included a hand wash, ultra paint decontamination, paint cleansing polishing, and a multi-layered application of glaze, paint sealant, and carnauba wax. In addition, we added a Level 1 Interior detail to clean up the inside of the car.

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1991 BMW 318is custom detail package

I have a very cool project that was brought to me by a fellow SCCA member. He had recently purchased this 1991 BMW 325is that was suffering from paint oxidation and neglect. The paint was originally red but had turned somewhat pink over the years without proper care and washing. The customers primary goal was to get the paint looking as good as possible, followed by touching up the trim, and then a Level 1 interior detail.



Take a look at that paint! The chalky, dull looking finish is paint oxidation. This happens when a car is exposed to the sun for long periods of time without proper paint protection. The best way to prevent this from happening is having good car care habits and making sure the paint is regularly protected with a good sealant, such as Blackfire Wet Diamond paint protection.


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