Scratch and blemish removal, 2002 BMW 330i – Level 3 exterior detail

A customer of mine recently brought me his 2002 BMW 330i that was in need of some scratch and blemish removal/repair. The car had a number of semi-deep scratches and what looked to be tar or sap deposits in the paint. Some of the tar/sap deposits had even eroded through the clear coat entirely! With some advanced techniques and patience, most of the scratches and blemishes were removed successfully, or at minimum looking much better than before. In addition to the scratch/blemish work, I also performed a complete Level 3 Exterior detail on the car to bring out maximum shine and gloss to the paint. Read on to get the full scoop!

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1991 BMW 318is custom detail package

I have a very cool project that was brought to me by a fellow SCCA member. He had recently purchased this 1991 BMW 325is that was suffering from paint oxidation and neglect. The paint was originally red but had turned somewhat pink over the years without proper care and washing. The customers primary goal was to get the paint looking as good as possible, followed by touching up the trim, and then a Level 1 interior detail.



Take a look at that paint! The chalky, dull looking finish is paint oxidation. This happens when a car is exposed to the sun for long periods of time without proper paint protection. The best way to prevent this from happening is having good car care habits and making sure the paint is regularly protected with a good sealant, such as Blackfire Wet Diamond paint protection.


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2009 BMW 335xi makeover

This customer had just bought their 2009 BMW 335xi and brought it to me to get freshened up. It was in need of some serious care however, as the normally beautiful black paint was covered in swirls, spiderweb scratches, and water spots. The customer opted for a custom detail which was to safely remove as much of swirls and water spots as possible, then follow it up with some long lasting and eye popping paint protection.



The first step was to get the vehicle good and clean. The 2 bucket wash method was used along with Grit Guards, Chemical Guys Citrus Wash, and Sheepskin wash mitts. Purpose made microfiber waffle weave drying towels were used to dry the car. Once the car was clean, we could clearly see the extensive paint damage in the form of swirls and water spots. Using proper wash products and techniques is the first step to avoiding paint damage as seen in the picture to the right!

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